Rustic accommodations with Style

The Hostal is a newly created building, that's why we offer you maximum quality rooms. We have 19 rooms that will suit every customer's specific needs. All of them have full individual bathrooms, LCD TV, Satellite TV, WiFi, 24 hours reception service, air conditioning …

Apartments, double room and children room, ideal for couples with kids. They all have complete, fully independent bathroom.

Double room, here you will relax and enjoy a remarkable vacation. Ideal for couples.
Attic, ideal for families or 3 to 4 people groups. Really spacious and with complete, fully independent bathroom. It wont pass unnoticed.

Our wide variety of room combinations makes us dynamic and adaptive to every customer need. With a previous notification we will prepare the room that better suits your needs, always providing a completely professional service.




Our Book

Take a look at our book, here you can see a complete photo gallery of the Hostal, community areas, facade, entrance, etc. book