Local Tourism

We are located in a really quiet region, that also offers a wide variety of touristic choices, we recommend you the best nearby locations you will be able to visit and also suggest a series of places you might find interesting to go to, here are some highlighted locations:

Xanadú Shopping Mall
7 kilometers away from our Hostel, there you'll be able to enjoy the amazing Xanadú Shopping Mall, among other things you'll find the best shops with your favourite brands, cinemas, karts, restaurants and even if you like ski or snowboarding you'll be able to do so, because Xanadú it's the only shopping mall that has an all year ski track. Xanadú Shopping Mall it's opened every day of the year.
Warner Bros, amusement park
40 Km (35 minutes by car), is located the most famous Warner Bros. amusement park, straight, convenient highway access is abailable. In the above link you'll be able to plan, buy tickets and wathc interactive guides of all the shows currently displayed, all of it at the reach of a click.
Safari Madrid
22 Kilometers from our facilities, you will find the amazing Safari Madrid, in it you will sense nature and wildlife in a really special way. There you'll be presented with several entertaintment offerings, check the above link to plan your visit and enjoy the endless posibilities it offers.